Canada & Mexico

While many American carriers avoid freight that needs to cross the border, we say, “Bring it on.” Whether it is in Mexico, or needs to go there, our staff has the expertise and experience to safely manage your shipment or project. With our track record, it is no surprise that we are trusted on a daily basis to deliver goods to, and bring them from Mexico. In addition, as a bonded carrier, we can handle any shipment moving in bond: from a port to Mexico, from Canada to Mexico, or anything else that is needed. Give us a call for any Mexican shipments you have. We’d be happy to help.

• Direct service and crossdock/transloading options
• Experienced cross-border professionals
• Consolidated invoicing
• Door to door service
• Inbound and outbound transportation
• Servicing multiple ports
• Bonded services optional
• Service to and from Canada
• Insurance and high value insurance options

Note: Unlike in the United States, cargo insurance in Mexico is not standard, and most carriers including Big Dog do not provide cargo insurance in Mexico unless it is requested. Big Dog is not a customs broker and as such, we do not provide customs brokerage services.